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September 16, 2021




UBISOFT Game Creators’ Odyssey: A Video Game Design Course is a self-paced, online, video game design course providing exposure to the recipe of a top international game developer, UBISOFT. The course includes insights into the video game industry and exclusive tips from professional creators. Participants will get the chance to acquire knowledge about good practices of game design and the creation of games that ensure variety. 


Open to anyone 18 years and older with an interest in the 300 billion dollar gaming industry. Gain insights from UBISOFT, one of the top 8 gaming companies in the world, and apply their approach to develop your game concepts. Successful completion of this 90+ hrs course will also give professional certification and position you for entry level jobs in the industry. At the end of the course, students will have the opportunity to present their work in a mini-exhibition. Expected completion within 6 months.


No coding required or special software.


Complete this application form to apply for a Seprod Foundation Video Game Ambassador scholarship that will cover 75% of the US$600 cost of the course. With a Seprod Foundation Video Game Ambassador scholarship the participant portion is US$150.




Conditions of a Seprod Foundation Video Game Ambassador Scholarship are as follows:

  • Writing a blog post about your experience to be posted on the Seprod Foundation website
  • Posting name, image and bio on Seprod Foundation website and social media and national print media
  • Exhibition of final project on Seprod Foundation website and social media
  • Design of a video game along the theme of education, agriculture or community to be completed in 2022 for Seprod Foundation to use to engage other young people
  • Act as a mentor or big brother or big sister to another student interested in video game design
  • Title of Seprod Foundation Video Game Fellow


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