The Freedom Skatepark will be the first of its kind in Kingston, Jamaica. The facility will be used for skateboarding, BMX, rollerblading and scooters, though skateboarding will be the main focus, as it is the most popular ‘action sport’ in Jamaica. The skatepark will be situated in the community of Bull Bay on the property of the Bull Bay Football Club and will feature a small youth centre with an attached spectator seating area. The project is partnered with a social intervention programme called Edu-Skate that will teach youth life skills through learning how to skateboard. The space will also serve as a creative hub and area of civic pride for the community. Furthermore, this Skatepark will be instrumental in developing the sport of skateboarding in Jamaica, readying Jamaica for a professional skateboarding team to compete in the Olympics.

This project has been funded with charitable funds from various local and international partners. The main funders are Seprod Foundation; Sandals Foundation; Concrete Jungle Foundation; the Skateroom; and Flipping Youth Inc. All donors and partners have come together under the Freedom Skatepark Foundation to ensure that the Skatepark is community driven, and free and open to all youth, community members, and all who want to use it.

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