The Foundation coordinated a beach clean up at the Rudolph Elder Park as part of the global efforts during the 2019 International Coastal Cleanup Day. ICC Day is recognised as the largest one-day volunteer event in the world and aims to reduce the impact of oceanic waste while raising awareness about the dangers of improper waste management. St. Thomas holds so much potential for growth and the Seprod Foundation is committed to doing our part to bring that to the forefront. The Seprod Foundation looks forward to continuing to work with individuals, schools and communities in the parish on various educational and community driven initiatives.


The Seprod Foundation has adopted the Seaforth Health Center in Seaforth, St. Thomas. After multiple site visits and assessments, we have plans to enhance the security of the health center through repairing the perimeter fences, gates and broken windows; procuring office furniture and priority clinical equipment; and ensuring each of the clinical spaces are fit for purpose. We also plan to address capacity issues, and look at the possibility of a wellness area that would promote preventive health care.


We are proud to be in partnership with the Ministry of Health and the Health for Life and Wellness Foundation on the Adopt-A-Clinic Programme that has been successfully engaging the private sector, especially community based private sector organizations to improve the provision and access to primary health care. This public private partnership and community engagement is critical, especially at this moment, where public health education and awareness, and heightened sanitation practices are of paramount importance in keeping Jamaicans safe. Through this partnership, we will further improve the working and patient care environment, enhancing the social and economic development of the community, ultimately building the foundation for improved quality of life within the community.



The Seprod Foundation presented the Seaforth High School Visual Arts Department with six (6) 25” fans.

The donation was much anticipated and much appreciated after a fire destroyed the Visual Arts Department, inevitably destroying much of the students’ art pieces done in preparation for their CSEC exams. As a result, the students will need to re-do many of their pieces. The school was currently constructing an interim area for the students to work over the summer, while plans for the renovation of the department were under way. Principal Thomas expressed that the immediate need was fans for cooling the interim area, and they would be transferred to the newly renovated department when complete.

Principal Thomas expressed his sincere gratitude on behalf of the department and the school – “These fans will make a huge difference to the students as they work to get their pieces complete over the summer. We are so grateful to the Seprod Foundation for their continued support and communication since the fire. It means a lot to all of us.” Dr. Bellamy reiterated the commitment of the Seprod Foundation to the Seaforth High School and the Seaforth community “Seaforth High School is a part of our community. We have seen the passion and commitment displayed by the students after losing most of their work and we are so pleased we were able to step in and assist in filling this need.”

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