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Seprod Foundation Contributes to Education

Seprod Foundation Contributes to Education and Community Development in St. Thomas

The Seprod Foundation is committed to providing educational opportunities and contributing to community building initiatives in the eastern parish St Thomas through scholarships, capacity-building activities, and environmental initiatives.

Students from the parish will be prominently featured as part of its annual Scholarship programme award ceremony, scheduled to take place on October 8. The Foundation will be presenting a top-performing male and female student from the parish with the Granville Marsh Award. Kyle Mignott from Providence Kinder Preparatory ranked top in his school and is now attending Campion College. Yemisi Rowe ranked top in her exams at Lyssons Primary and is now attending Morant Bay High School. In its second year, the award was named after Seprod’s longest-serving director, Granville Marsh, who passed away last year.

The award is, however, not the Foundation’s only involvement with students in the parish. The Seprod Foundation was one of the first organisations to respond to the calls for support following the fire that destroyed the visual arts department and other sections of the Seaforth High School last May. Following the unfortunate incident, the Foundation provided much-needed equipment to help students and staff return to normalcy.

As part of its engagement with St Thomas, the Foundation also coordinated a beach clean up at the Rudolph Elder Park last Saturday, as part of the global efforts during the 2019 International Coastal Cleanup Day. ICC Day is recognised as the largest one-day volunteer event in the world and aims to reduce the impact of oceanic waste while raising awareness about the dangers of improper waste management.

Seprod Foundation Chairperson Melanie Subratie noted, “St. Thomas holds so much potential for growth and the Seprod Foundation is committed to doing our part to bring that to the forefront. The Seprod Foundation looks forward to continuing to work with individuals, schools and communities in the parish on various educational and community driven initiatives.”

The Foundation is slated to carry out infrastructural improvement projects in the Seaforth community in the coming months.

About the Seprod Foundation
The Seprod Foundation contributes to the development of Jamaica’s youth by funding and organising Early Childhood Intervention initiatives, Tech-based training, fostering entrepreneurship skills, and strengthening communities through scholarships and grants.

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