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My UBISOFT Game Creator’s Odyessy Experience

On September ‎21, ‎2021, I started the Ubisoft Game Creators’ Odyssey after getting a scholarship from Seprod Foundation. I was then sent a username and password from Ubisoft to begin my course. I wasn’t too sure what exactly to expect diving into this course but I believed I was definitely going to learn some things to help create games.


Act1, Chapter1 first thing I was greeted to was a video describing the story of a samurai, over time I was more and more details about his story as I went along the course. After the video, I was able to go into a mission. The activities in this course were spit-up into 6 chapters with various missions to complete. each mission had 4-5 parts to it with the last one having 6. Each day I would tackle one or two missions.


Before any mission, you would have a little quiz that would clear any misconceptions you had about game development and they were typically very easy and didn’t contribute to your XP, oh did I mention there’s XP. after any mission you would get a set amount of XP or keys. you could use keys to unlock games or videos. you could also play those games to gain more XP. There wasn’t much challenge though because if you got an answer wrong on a test you could retake the test without any penalty.


The first 3 acts were very easy and to be honest I didn’t learn too much, because I already knew most of what they were teaching But during the later 3 things started to steam up and I was actually learning new theories. around this time there was a new form of the mission known as design courses where you needed to actually submit something, this is where things got a bit harder because I needed to double learn these concepts to make sure I can apply them. I had a lot of fun coming up with concepts to put in the design courses.


Throughout act 1 I learnt about RGD- rational Game Design which is the approach Ubisoft uses when making their games and learning the different parts of RGD which all cultivated for the final exam in chapter 6


‎November ‎9, ‎2021, I open up chapter 6 and see the resolution to the samurai’s story and begin the final chapter. There as 2 missions one design practice and “THE FINAL EXAM”, the first mission was a simple summary of RGD and all I’ve learnt over the past 2 and a half months, and the second one being preparation and an introduction to the goliath task that was the design practice. I thought that “THE FINAL EXAM” would have been the big boss at the end of the course but boy was I deceived for it was only his decoy, a rouge, for the main battle of this course which would be the 27h design course.


on November ‎10, ‎2021, I opened the design course to see what awaits me and there it was, everything, every single concept we learnt throughout this course, every single other design course merged into one. my mission if I chose to accept it was to fill out all these concepts making a game. At first, I wasn’t too sure about what to submit but in the end, I decided to submit a game about agriculture, I called the game SPEED FARMING, a tackle multiplayer game where you race to plant grow harvest and sell as many crops as you can and gain the most money before the end of the game. I then went and filled out all the forms and submit and all done in 12 hours which is nice considering the fact that it said it would take a day and a half.


After doing that task a step back and took a little breather before heading straight into “THE FINAL EXAM”, *queue boss battle music*, unlike the other test this one had 10 questions and if I got over 60% then I pass, after carefully taking the test I got 80%!!! and when I left the chapter I saw a new button on the main screen that said to collect my certificate and there it was. I HAD FINISHED THE UBISOFT GAME CREATORS’ ODYSSEY!!!


In the end, I had a lot of fun and learnt a lot more than I expected. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone interested in the field and I want to personally thank Seprod for giving me this scholarship and allowing me to partake in this online course

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